Mike Algrim

Vice President

Mike Algrim joined Empowered Ventures in 2022 as the Vice President of Portfolio Operations. He works closely with our portfolio company leadership teams to establish strategic plans, operating budgets, and to support them on their journey toward becoming “best-in-class” employee-owned companies.

Mike comes to Empowered Ventures after leading a third-generation, family-owned enterprise focused on the real estate sector. His long career in commercial banking included managing a group with a diversified debt-portfolio in excess of $150 million. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Northern Illinois University and a Master of Science in Corporate Ventures from DePaul University.

In addition to his professional background, Mike has volunteered many years toward leading a nonprofit business growth accelerator and as a Board Member for the Illinois Small Business Development Center. His devotion to entrepreneurship and his experience building healthy and engaged team cultures make him a valued operating partner for our portfolio companies.