How We’re Different

Owners of successful small businesses have no shortage of potential buyers. We are unique in a number of important ways:

We are not a fund and have no outside investors to report to.

We use our own capital to fund deals, mostly with cash.

We have a truly long-term time horizon, ideally permanent.

We want to “do no harm” first and foremost, so we don’t meddle; we trust and empower operating management.

Employees of companies we buy join our employee-ownership program.

We support continued growth and investment; we’re not trying to maximize short-term profits at the expense of the long-term health of the business.

We value businesses for more than just profit; extending legacies and continuing to benefit communities is important to us.

We’re operators who know how to run businesses, not just investors and financiers.

Our team has extensive M&A experience, having completed dozens of deals. We know how to get deals done.

We pay full market value and are willing to use creative deal structures to fit the situation.


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