Employee Ownership

Businesses Benefit When Employees Lead

Employee-owned companies fundamentally change the worker-workplace relationship. The potential of a business resides 100% with its people. Success is in everyone’s interest when shareholder and employee motivations are aligned. Employee-ownership creates compelling results.

Attitude & Motivation

When everyone has a seat at the table, employee-owners gain a different mindset for their company and job. They work harder and more efficiently when motivated by a larger purpose.


Having a common stake in a company’s success gives employee-owners a greater sense of responsibility for their work performance and the collective efforts of the team.

Decision Making

Empowering employee-owners as decision makers improves trust, diversity of thought, communication, collaboration, and outcomes.

Wealth Creation

The employee-ownership model rewards skill, knowledge, and leadership at every level from the c-suite to the entry-level worker. Research shows employee-owners have higher wages, retirement savings, benefits, and job quality than non-owner peers regardless of industry or demographics.

Business Success

Employee-owners more frequently report their companies as excellent places to work. Research shows that employee-owned businesses have significantly lower voluntary turnover and generate better financial results than peers.

How It Works

Our Employee Ownership Program

A privately owned business sells to Empowered Ventures, Inc. at fair market value.

Seller receives all or most of the purchase price in cash at closing.

step 3

The business becomes a subsidiary of Empowered Ventures, Inc., which is wholly owned by the Empowered Ventures ESOP Trust.

step 4

Empowered Ventures, Inc. makes an annual retirement benefit contribution to the trust on behalf of each employee, funded by the operating companies’ profits.

step 5

The contribution is converted to shares of Empowered Ventures, Inc. within each employee’s account.

Accounts accrue value inside the trust, with the share price revalued annually by an accredited valuation firm.

The trust repurchases vested shares from employees when they exit the company.


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