About Empowered Ventures

Empowered Ventures is a 100% Employee-Owned Holding Company based in Indiana

Powered by Employees

Empowered Ventures buys closely held businesses with track records of success. We invest long term without any intention of selling. Employees join our ESOP ownership program at no cost, accruing value over time based on the combined performance of all our companies.

What We Do

We offer business owners a succession plan that leaves their life’s work in good hands – the employees. We pay a fair market price while providing peace of mind. Our unique proposition meets owners’ financial and personal interests, making the bittersweet process of selling a little easier.

How We’re Different

We are operators on a mission to help great businesses continue to thrive. To do that, we support great leaders and we empower workers as owners and beneficiaries of their efforts. Being 100% employee-owned through an ESOP underlies everything we do and enables fulfilling “next chapters” for sellers and their employees.

We believe that broadly shared ownership, effective leadership, and employee enablement creates powerful company cultures and financial prosperity for our employee owners.

who we are

Our Leadership

what matters to us

Our Principles


We prioritize long-term over short-term.

Short-term profits and quick returns don’t motivate us. We seek to establish and lengthen legacies. Our resources go toward sustainable, resilient, and enduring businesses.


We recognize that people power business potential.

When employees think like owners, they become more engaged, invested, and strategic. Businesses grow best when employees leadthe way.


We level-up the workplace.

All people deserve uplifting work and the prospect of living their best lives. We align worker and owner interests for more healthy and prosperous businesses.


We believe reputation and relationships matter.

Strong companies are rooted in their communities, built over time from one-on-one relationships. Our businesses continue how and where they began. We pursue deeper roots, not shallow successes.


We pursue progress over perfection.

Calculated risks create value. Opportunities outweigh certainties. Creativity overcomes challenges. If we miss the mark, we learn, stretch, and move forward together.


We believe business has purpose beyond profits.

Profit is essential for a successful business. However, great businesses define a purpose beyond just profit. The impact we have on our employees, customers, vendors, partners, and communities defines our value.


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