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Life Changing Work: The Empowered Ventures Story

Empowered Ventures has a new media website! launched this week as a hub for the growing media library at Empowered Ventures.

Notably, Life Changing Work: The Empowered Ventures Story, a mini-documentary capturing the first chapter of Empowered Ventures’ history, is featured on this new site. The video runs about 18 minutes and showcases TVF’s transition to employee ownership, Empowered Ventures’ formation, and the acquisition of Firstar Precision. Viewers hear directly from employees themselves while getting a glimpse into the company environments. There are links to shorter videos here, too, covering what it’s like to be an employee owner, why a business seller would choose to partner with EV, and a closer look at the TVF and Firstar companies.

The new media site also houses the Empowered Owners podcast and aggregates EV guest appearances.

We created this website to tell our story. The best approach we can take to telling our story is to highlight our employee owners, to let them tell their stories! We anticipate adding many more mini-docs, videos, and other media to create a robust, informative, and immersive place to experience the spirit of Empowered Ventures.

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