Empowered Ventures Joins Certified Employee-Owned

Empowered Ventures has officially become a member of Certified Employee-Owned!

Empowered Ventures (EV) is thrilled to share that we have officially become a member of Certified Employee-Owned, an association dedicated to building a more prosperous and equitable future through an employee-owned economy.

Certified EO

Certified EO is working to build a future where employee-owned companies are not only a mainstay of the American economy, but where employee ownership is seen as one of the defining aspects of a great business. “The belief that ’employee-owned’ will be synonymous with high quality products, great customer service, and well-paying stable jobs is right in line with the EV vision” shares Chris Fredericks, President & CEO of EV. “With just one in 200 American businesses able to meet their rigorous membership standards, this certification highlights just how special and unique EV is.”

Through EO certification, EV joins a community of over 400 members, giving us access to tools that will help us stand out to our clients, in our community, and with our employee owners. As operators on a mission to help great businesses continue to thrive, the resources and networking gained through this certification will enable EV to deepen our collective commitment to create an ownership culture, make our companies great places to work, and to support the employee ownership movement.

We at EV remain excited about our mission to create life changing outcomes for our employee owners. If you know a business owner considering their succession planning options and think they might be interested in learning more about Empowered Ventures, please get in touch.

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