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EV Hires Chief of Staff

Emily Bopp Joins Empowered Ventures

We are excited to welcome Emily Bopp to Empowered Ventures (EV). Emily is a unique leader filling a highly customizable role: Chief of Staff. Emily brings multi-faceted insight to EV, drawing on over twenty years of small business management, leadership and development work, strategy and execution consulting, and business ownership. She is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Audiology and Speech Pathology and a Minor in History.

As Empowered Ventures’ Chief of Staff, Emily is responsible for supporting the CEO in the day-to-day guidance and management of the holding company team toward accomplishing annual objectives and ensuring holding company operations are effective and efficient. In this important role, Emily will serve as the CEO’s right hand – helping to set strategic priorities and pressure-test ideas, orchestrate meetings and communication, ensure the CEO’s timely involvement in projects or decisions, and amplify and improve the CEO’s effectiveness. In addition, she will help keep the EV team working together cohesively and effectively. Strategic planning, the implementation and iteration of an operating model (and clarity of implied processes and systems), meetings, events and special cross-functional organization-wide projects all fall to her purview.

Prior to joining Empowered Ventures, Emily co-founded Enable, Inc., creating the Enable® accountability management system. Through client implementations and trained Licensed Enable Consultants, Emily has empowered hundreds of employees to proactively contribute to their business’s success. Per Emily, “Accountability does not apply to ideas, but to actions, and ideas can only be made actionable if they have a context and are concrete.” Emily finds personal fulfillment in helping businesses eliminate ambiguity to execute objectives well.

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