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Laying the Groundwork

There are seasons in life and in business. Some seasons include rapid growth and external progress. Other seasons are about quiet, internal progress that sets the stage for future growth. Since we launched Empowered Ventures nearly a year ago, we have been busy connecting with people and implementing strategies and processes we believe will lead to successful acquisitions and the creation of more employee owners in the world.

During the past year, we have been fortunate to review hundreds of businesses for sale and complete a deep dive analysis on many of those opportunities. As an employee-owned acquisition holding company, we are being careful to find and buy companies that are the right fit for us, the seller, and the company. We have seen a lot of impressive businesses and talked with many of their great owners and leaders. We are confident it is only a matter of time before we find the next great business to add to our holding company.

Last summer Morgan and Thanh joined our team as business analyst interns. They did excellent work building a database of companies for us to reach out to, and hopefully they benefited from the experience, career coaching and support they received at Empowered Ventures. Morgan and Thanh, thank you for your awesome work and best wishes as you continue on your path.

We have also continued to work with our founding operating company, TVF, as its team navigates today’s challenging business environment. All of TVF’s employee owners sprung into action as the pandemic set in, shifting most office work to virtual while staying open to serve customers in vital industries. Many of TVF’s customers shifted to making PPE and other gear to help with the pandemic, and TVF helped them make that transition. At Empowered Ventures, we are proud to have TVF as a stable and thriving foundation for our efforts.

So many people have helped us during the past year, providing much needed advice, encouragement and support. Though 2020 brought many challenges which are mostly still ongoing, we are happy with our progress and are confident of positive developments in 2021. Thank you for being part of our journey! Stay tuned for what lies ahead.

(PS – If you come across a Midwestern business owner thinking about selling but feeling unsure about the potential impact on the company, employees, and community, we would be grateful for a mention!)

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